Who we are


We are part of the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion, in the Diocese of London.

John Keble Church started in the 1930s and the current building was constructed in 1936 to provide a church for the newly-built suburbs. The principle then was to create a new church in a new place so that new people could come to hear and believe in the message about Jesus. We remain committed to the people in our area, seeking to provide the opportunity for spiritual awakening in Jesus Christ. We faithfully and relevantly preach the Bible in a gospel-centred way, pointing to Christ. In our 10am service we maintain the traditions of those who went before us in our use of choral worship and the ancient words of the liturgy. In other ways, we seek to connect faith and life in an easily understandable format which is open to questions.

The church is named after John Keble, a 19th Century reformer of the Church of England who was part of the Oxford Movement, and a noted poet. The movement of which he was part sought renewal for the church by going back to the early practices of the Christian church. Today, we too seek the renewal of the church by returning to the very earliest documents – we are excited about what God is doing among us as we do so.