Mission Action Plan summary

We are a church which values worship and welcome, which wants to witness and to grow. We long to flourish as a parish.

We will make our dreams a reality by concentrating on the following actions:

Growing in maturity – We have decided that this is our greatest priority. Often the biggest limitation in what God can do through us is our own personal holiness and walk with Christ. We plan to grow in our capacity to impact the world for Christ, growing in maturity. This will include: Welcome course, prayer, growing leaders group, publicity, web presence, giving, special interest groups, administrative support, Growth Groups.

Developing our building – we plan to develop our building so that it can better serve our mission. In particular we hope to develop a kitchen area and disabled toilets within our church so that we can open up our church for mission. We want to redevelop our gallery area in order to make full use of the space we have.

The needs of the community –We plan to meet the needs of those who live in our area, and contribute to the common good. In doing this we not only show God’s love to those in our parish, but also build relationships that can give people a pathway into church. In particular we will continue to strengthen our children’s work, and in the five years look at how we can contribute to the common good in the following areas: health and fitness, loneliness, English as a Foreign Language, youth provision.

Speaking of Jesus – in an age of great ignorance about Christian beliefs we want to be more explicit about what we believe. We want to give everyone in the parish an opportunity to hear about Jesus and to investigate his claims for themselves. To this end we will ensure that we termly run a nurture course such as Christianity Explored; continue to develop Messy Church to reach unchurched parishioners; invite events and services such as Back-to-Church Sunday; training on equipping us to speak of Jesus; running a children’s holiday club.

As we continue to work with the wider Diocese of London especially Edmonton Area in building up Christ’s church in this corner of creation, we know that our fruitfulness depends on Jesus Christ. Both individually and corporately we commit ourselves to a renewed dependence upon him for our flourishing, knowing that our hope does not lie elsewhere: not in planning or finance or resourcing but from the strength of God’s hand and his fatherly mercy over us.