Whether you’re exploring Christianity or looking for a church in the area, you are very welcome at John Keble. As a church we look to glorify and enjoy God through knowing Christ and making him known. As we do this there are some things that we particularly value:

worship – we tell of God’s excellency together, and meet God in all his beauty, holiness and love.
welcome – we want to be a church which is open to all, in which everyone has a place.
growth – we want to be a growing church
witness – making the invisible God visible through actions and words is important to us.

In all this is it the gospel which is central. The gospel is the basic message of Christianity. It tells us that although God made us for himself, we turned away from him. But God was not willing for us to be separated from him, the source of all life, forever. He came to us himself, as a human: Jesus. On the cross Jesus bore our separation from God, taking the condemnation in our place. He reconciled us to God, making us his children. And all this is by grace: we are unable to restore ourselves to relationship with God. He must do it for us. Now he invites us to give our hearts to him, trusting in Jesus, so that we might come back to him and enjoy all that he has for us.