10am Service


Our 10am Sunday service is a traditional sung Eucharist with choir. We are shaped by the ancient words of the church and the richness of sacred music through the centuries as we celebrate what Jesus has done for us through bread and wine. We also listen to some passages from the Bible and hear a sermon which makes the meaning clear.

During the service a Sunday School for children runs in the church hall opposite the church building to which all children are welcome.

Five times a year the uniformed groups (e.g. Scouts) join us for festivals of the church year in parade services.

We are currently looking at the 10 Commandments as we approach Easter.


Sun 10 Feb – Have no other gods. Exodus 20:1-3, Mark 10:17-22

Feb 17 – Do not make for yourselves idols. Exodus 20:4, John 14:5-11

Feb 24 – Do not misuse the name of God. Exodus 20:7. Matthew 7:15-20

3 March – Honour the Sabbath Day. Exodus 20:8-11, Matthew 12:1-14

10 March – Do not commit murder. Exodus 20:13. Matthew 5:21-26.

17 March – Do not commit adultery. Exodus 20:14. Matthew 5:27-32

24 March – Do not give False Testimony. Exodus 20:16. Matthew 5:33-37

31 March – Honour your parents (Mothers’ Day). Exodus 20:12, Luke 2:41-52

7 Apr – Do not covet (AGM). Exodus 20:17, John 6:35-40

14 Apr – Do not steal (Palm Sunday). Exodus 20:15, Luke 20:20-26