Winter 2017/18

Services from 26th November 2017 – 28th January 2018

For the other services in January/ February 2018 please scroll to the bottom of the page to the section entitled The Compassionate God.


Searching for the Sacred:

26 November — Ecclesiastes 1:1-18

Is there any reason for existence?

3 December — Ecclesiastes 2:1-10

Why are we so unhappy?

10 December —Ecclesiastes 3:9-4:3

Does the harshness of life make sense?

Followed by curry night at 1a Church Close.

17 December —Ecclesiastes 4:4-12

Why are we working so hard?

31 December —Ecclesiastes 6:12. 12:13

How do we know right from wrong?

21 January —Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

Can we ever be in control of our lives?

28 January —Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8

How can we find God?


The Compassionate God

A Sermon Series through Jonah:

7 January — Man overboard!

Jonah 1, Simon Rowbory

14 January—A prayer of desperation

Jonah 2, Simon Rowbory

4 February — A second chance

Jonah 3, Simon Rowbory

11 February—Grace to the ungracious

Jonah 4, Santhosh Thomas