Starting in November 2020 we begin our journey together as a church through Hymns for the Christian Year. Just as John Keble wrote a poem for each Sunday of the year, our vicar, Simon Rowbory, has written a new hymn for each Sunday of the year. They are nearly all set to existing hymn tunes, and so are easy to pick up. We would love you to join with us in this journey, you can do so by:

  • Coming to the launch service with the Bishop of Edmonton on Sunday 22 November at 10am – in person and online
  • singing the hymns!
  • joining our choir
  • composing a new tune to one of the hymns
  • recording a version of one of the hymns
  • review the hymn collection for your website/publication
  • join in weekly on Youtube/twitter as we discuss the hymns

We will be making all of the lyrics available for free on this site as we go through the year, but you may find it more convenient to have them in one place in book form. It can be bought in print or ebook from these links or your favourite bookshop, ISBN 9781838149611.

Hymns for the Christmas year, Advent and Christmas:

29 November – Advent Sunday

6 December – 2nd Sunday of Advent

13 December – 3rd Sunday of Advent

20 December – 4th Sunday of Advent

24 December – Christmas Eve

25 December – Christmas Day

27 December – 1st Sunday of Christmas

And the most popular so far:

Palm Sunday with Sheet Music arranged by Jeremy Beal


For more detail on the project, you can read the articles written for our parish magazine.

For more, including experimental original tunes, go to our Youtube channel.