Live – 10am Sundays – 10.30 Wednesdays

We are currently meeting in person and broadcasting online through Lockdown 3.

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Service Sheet for 17 January

Latest Update 06.01.21

Since Lockdown 3 was announced on 4 Jan the PCC has been considering how best to respond to this, especially given that churches are permitted to open for in-person worship, but many will choose not to.

We have decided to open for both in-person and online worship, putting extra safety measures in place. The size of our building gives us the confidence to meet, but we know that we still must be careful and take every opportunity to enhance safety. To minimise the risk we will only be having pre-recorded music, we will be pausing the serving team and rotas and keeping the back vestries clear. Trevor Young will once again be hosting after-service Zoom sessions so that we have a way to talk safely to each other after the service.

We cannot reduce the risks to zero, but we can by taking the right choices reduce the likelihood of passing on infection. I urge every person to consider the risks involved before coming along to the building – there will be many who will rightly stay away. Everyone must make their own decision.

We know that the vaccine is being given across the country and that it is only a matter of time before these lockdowns will be a thing of the past. We continue to exercise both patience and hope. We know that better days will come. We also know the one who has the keys to life and death and we need not be afraid.

As a summary of what will be happening, both online and in-person:
Sundays, 10am Eucharist – followed by Zoom chat
Wednesdays, 10.30am Eucharist
Monday-Friday, 9.15am Morning Prayer (BCP)

We will also be holding another discussion time on a weeknight evening – full details to be confirmed, along with other Zoom links.