We believe in a God of justice and goodness. The Bible tells us that God has appointed a day on which he will restore the beauty and order of the universe, and on that day evil and suffering will be thrown into the rubbish heap forever. That day has not yet come, and so we live in a world where good and evil are mingled together. Our hearts long for God’s justice and so we do our best to reflect it now; what is to come we anticipate now in our communities and churches. As we desire God’s justice to be seen in the world we come into direct conflict with the corruption of the human heart: sin. To limit the damage that sin can do to humans – and work for God’s justice – we create systems and institutions that are able to lessen sin’s impact. By doing this, evil is kept at bay, and we are able to enjoy a preview of the justice that God will bring to bear on the entirety of creation.

Abuse of the vulnerable is one of the evils that has not been opposed rigorously enough in the past by the church, to our great shame. Systems have evolved out of the ashes of this failure, to ensure that all churches are places where the vulnerable are kept safe from abuse, and make sure that this sin can find no foothold in our communities. We call these systems safeguarding.

At John Keble Church we take safeguarding seriously. We do all that we can to make sure that children and vulnerable adults are protected from harm.

The volunteers and staff involved in our children’s activities have been DBS checked and safer recruiting practices.

If you have any safeguarding concern regarding a child or vulnerable adult, then we encourage you to report it both to the church and to either social services or the police, depending on urgency. More information about how to report suspected abuse can be found in our safeguarding policy.

Our safeguarding policy is based on the policy of the Diocese of London and can be found here:
John Keble Church Safeguarding Policy
Policy Signatures