When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the service starts to give yourself time to find a seat and have a look through the order of service. 

Do you have a car park?

We have no on-site parking however there is parking available outside the church or on the neighbouring roads.

What happens during a service?

Regular worship includes Bible readings, prayers, hymns and Holy Communion (bread and wine). 

What if I don’t know what to do in the service?

Most Sundays we use printed service sheets that say what comes next. However, if the sheet says ‘we stand’ but you feel that you would rather stay seated then that’s okay. During the service you might see somebody bowing, or making the sign of the cross, or kneeling for prayers, and other people not doing any of those. We don’t have set rules about those things and nobody will be watching to see who does things ‘right’ so don’t worry.


Will I be asked to do anything during the service?

No. No-one will embarrass you in any way or ask you to do something! You will be invited, along with everyone else, to take Holy Communion. If you choose to do so, you will be directed how to do that. But you are just as welcome to remain in your pew and just enjoy a time of quiet and watch what is going on around you. Whatever you want to do to be comfortable is OK with us!


Do I have to give money to come to church?

No. You are under no obligation to give any money to the church. A collection is taken during the service and you can also give by using the Contactless Terminal at the back of the church if you want to – but this is entirely voluntary! The church does cost £150,000 per year to run – and we have to raise that entirely ourselves as a church family – so we are heavily reliant on local financial support! But there is no obligation for you to give…


Is there a dress code at church?

Dress in what you find comfortable. Some people may choose to wear a suit whilst others may wear jeans and a t-shirt. It’s up to you. You will be treated to a warm welcome no matter what you wear. 


How long do services last?

The 10.00am service usually lasts about 60mins (there are hymns sung during this service). 


Will the Vicar try to tell me what to think, or believe, or how to vote?

No! At John Keble, we recognize that everyone is on their own spiritual journey and needs to find their own way to God. The role of the Vicar is to help facilitate your journey by, hopefully, asking the right questions for you to think about. The Vicar will never tell you what to believe – and certainly won’t tell you how to vote! 


What denomination is John Keble?

We are Church of England, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Can I vape or smoke in church?

No. The church is a No-Smoking, No-Vaping environment. 


Will there be refreshments?

Yes. On Sundays we usually have refreshments after the service in the church. 


Can I bring food or a drink into church?

If you want to bring a coffee in with you, then that is fine. However, we would probably discourage food (though not prohibit it) because it may be disconcerting to others. 


Are children welcome to all services?

Yes, children are welcome to the 10am Sunday service. 


How do I join the church?

You don’t need to be a member of the church to participate and be part of the family. Everyone is welcome. However, we do have something called the Electoral Roll, which is a list of those who want to register with us that they are regular attenders and participants. Being on the Electoral Roll enables you to vote at the AGM and take on leadership positions in the church. So, when you have decided that John Keble is somewhere that you feel at home, please speak to the Vicar or a Church Warden about coming on the Electoral Roll. 


How can I join a group?

There are many different groups that meet at John Keble. The best thing to do is talk to the vicar or one of the Church Wardens who will point you in the right direction.