Funerals can be painful and difficult occasions. They can also be joyful, as the life of the person to whom we are bidding farewell, is celebrated.

Everybody who lives in the John Keble Parish is entitled to have their funeral in our church. The clergy are available to take funerals at a cemetery or crematorium. 

If you are arranging a funeral, and would like it to take place in our church, or you would like one of the clergy to officiate, please make that clear to the Funeral Directors. They will then contact the Vicar to make arrangements.

The Vicar will meet to discuss the funeral service itself, talk about the deceased and offer support and comfort to the bereaved. The Vicar will be able to help with choosing hymns, music and readings.

If you would like to make arrangements for your own funeral before your death, please contact the Vicar and one of the clergy will be happy to discuss arrangements.



Rev Andy Arnell

Tel: 020 8959 1312